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Support Services

Our Operations Experts work alongside your team to identify areas of opportunity, focusing on kitchen administrative work, food purchasing practices, and daily production methodology. We use cutting edge software, savvy training techniques, and progressive procurement methods, all designed to optimize your operation and keep your staff engaged.

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CPG Product

& Menu R+D

The HomeKook'd culinary consulting team can help to develop and enhance your products, recipes, and menus. Whether you are a startup or larger company (and anything in-between), we are able to manage the entire Research and Development journey from concept to large scale production and distribution.  We involve all of your key decision makers, which result in data-driven decisions that you can be confident will check all the boxes. 

Commercial Kitchen Consulting

We take a white-label approach to strategic planning and work as your support team to ensure a successful launch. This shift in kitchen operations moves procurement, production and quality assurance to a centrally located kitchen commissary and integrates a standardized delivery function, to ensure logistical efficiency. After we have all of the pieces in place, we hand the keys back over to your team.

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Boxed Food

What does your business need?

Do want a crisp new look for your food operation?
Do you want to explore a new, trendy product to add to your brand?

Do you simply wish you had time to improve operations?

Our culinary consultants will elevate your products and strengthen the future of your brand, by guiding your team through creation, formulation, and scaling stages of product development.

Our expertise brings decades of industry knowledge to enhance your operation. We help food businesses prepare for large scale growth on the regional and national level.

Let's connect. We want to help!

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