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"Post-COVID"Dining Solutions for Senior Living Communities

Is there really a "post-COVID" yet? Operators should look at smarter, innovative way to tackle their culinary production as another way to combat COVID in their facilities. HomeKook'd takes a different approach to the production side of the operation.


Matthew Camp, president and founder of HomeKook’d, is leading the charge into a new era of #seniorliving dining programs. His team takes an innovative approach to delivering meals, using commissary style operations.

We worked to execute a LISTEN, LEARN and ENLIGHTEN strategy when engaging their Clients' needs. We look to create an improvement plan for;

  • Food & Nutrition – by showcasing new ways to measure and manage nutrition through food, menu design and technology.

  • Culinary Operations – by creating a customized delivery solution, they are changing the traditional kitchen infrastructure, eliminating any safety or sanitation issues.

  • Dynamic Care – by offering the HomeKook’d program, care communities can stay focused on the well-being of their residents and clients.

“It’s a challenging time for meal service in senior care communities, and it’s time to re-imagine the antiquated system”, said Correna Lukas, VP of Partnerships. “Our expertise and adaptability help communities to mitigate new challenges. We support our Care Partners with a safe, cost-effective way to ease the stress of operating.” There is no doubt that HomeKook’d is going above and beyond to provide a dynamic, connected care service, focused on #food and #nutrition.

Download PDF • 600KB

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